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Here you will find forms for various applications being handled by the Village of Spring Valley. There are different departments handling different forms for a variety of issues.

Village Clerk:

The Village Clerk handles all applications for licenses and permits being issued by the Village. Please find below a list of items being handled by the Village Clerk. Click on it and it will take you to a link to view and/or download in PDF format the application. Please follow the instructions, you will then have to fill out the application and submit it to the Village Clerk.
Carnival Pawnbrokers8.doc • Taxi (Fleets)
  Carting Peddler & Solicitor Taxi (Hack License)
F.O.I.L. Request Plumber4.doc
Juke Box, Vending,   Video Machines Political Signs2.doc
Landscaping Sign Installers
Movie House • Snow Plows
Outdoor Retail Sales Taxi (Exterior Advertising)