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Spring Valley Village Justice Court
Phone: (845) 573-5820  Fax: (845) 352-2245 * Directory *

The Justice Court of Spring Valley has Two Judges namely the , Hon. David Fried, and Hon. Djinsad Desir.
The Justices are assisted by Chief Court Clerk, Associate Court Clerk, together with seven full-time clerks.
The Justice Court has general jurisdiction over Criminal, Vehicle and Traffic, Small Claim, Landlord-Tenant Cases, Village Ordinance, and most violations of Environmental Law.

Chief Court Clerk:

Elsie Cheron

e-mail:  court@villagespringvalley.org

845-517-1159 x 140


Monday through Friday 9:00AM – 3:00PM Except Legal Holidays
Tuesday 6:00PM – 8:00PM Except Legal Holidays

Justice Court Schedule

Criminal Parts:                                  Tuesday's  every week @ 9:00 AM & 6:00 PM

Domestic Violence Part:                    1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month @ 2:00 PM

Housing/L&T Part:                           Every Thursday of every month @ 6:00 PM

Vehicle & Traffic/Parking                 2nd Monday & 4th Thursday  of every month @ 6:00 PM

 Small Claims Parts:                         2nd Monday & 2nd Thursday of every month @ 6:00 PM

Village Ordinance Parts:                   2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month @ 2:00 PM

                                                              and every 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM

All Housing/L&T Orders to Show Cause: Call Clerk Cheby O'Brien @ (845) 352-1100 ext. 142 for instructions.

Please utilize the link below to pay your traffic ticket online:
or by phone 1-888-912-1541
Please utilize the link below to pay your traffic ticket online:
or by phone 1-855-897-1088
Miscellaneous Fees:
Civil Filling 
$20.00 up to $3000.00
Small Claims Filing
$10.00 for claims up to $1000.00
$15.00 for claims of $1001.00 to $3000.00
Transcript of Judgment
Certificate of Conviction/ Disposition