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About Spring Valley Police Department
The Spring Valley Police Department covers an area of about two square miles and serves a very diverse community that consists of over 40 different nationalities. We consider our department very progressive and forward minded so that we can make the residents of our community safe. In order to accomplish this, we have a dedicated, hardworking patrol force and a wide variety of specialized units. Most of our officers on these specialized teams do so in addition to their regular patrol duties so as not to add an additional tax burden on our businesses and residents.

PATROL DIVISION: First and foremost, we consider our Patrol Division, the most important part of our operation. They are the first responders to calls for assistance in the Village and they do so with the utmost professionalism and dedication to the people that we serve. We make every effort to ensure that our officers are highly trained and equipped to handle any emergency or call for service in a safe, professional manner.

DETECTIVE DIVISION: Our Detectives have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are responsible for following up on any case that needs special attention beyond that of which our patrol division can handle. They follow up on many crimes, missing persons and perform other specialized tasks.

COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION: In most cases, our dispatchers are the first contact with the Spring Valley Police Department that people needing assistance have. Our dispatchers field literally hundreds of calls for service every single day. They have many responsibilities that include taking calls, dispatching officers to emergencies, computer work and helping people at our window.

RECORDS DIVISION: These professionals are truly our unsung heroes. They are responsible for inputting over 25,000 police reports into our data base each year. They also track all our paper work, processes FOIL requests, perform data entry, file reports with the numerous agencies and categorize many different forms of police reports. These are just some of the tasks that they perform on a daily basis.

TACTICAL TEAM: This Team was started in 2000 and it's mission is to save lives. Tactical officers are highly trained, equipped, and they are prepared to resolve any high risk emergency situation in the village, such as high risk warrants, barricaded subjects, hostage situations, active shooters and events of domestic terrorism. Since the team formed, they have successfully resolved over 150 high risk incidents.

SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS UNIT: This Unit consists of mostly detectives and they are charged with investigating all major crimes occurring in Spring Valley such as homicides, rapes, robberies, and narcotics. They also act as a crime suppression team to address any pattern or re-occurring crimes in the village.

SEX OFFENDER UNIT: This is a branch of our detective division and our detectives assigned to this unit are responsible for keeping track of all registered sex offenders living in the village. They make periodic checks on offenders, keep track of their addresses and notify schools and the community when appropriate.

FIELD INTELLIGENCE UNIT: This unit was recently set up as part of our IMPACT strategy. Patrol Officers assigned to this unit gather information about criminal activity in the streets and share it with other officers in the village, as well as the county. We also have one police officer assigned to the Rockland County Intelligence Unit to enhance operations throughout the county, as well as Spring Valley.

TAXI INSPECTION UNIT: This Team of officers are responsible for conducting back ground checks on over 300 taxi drivers and taxis operating in the village and inspect cabs on a yearly basis. They also ensure compliance with all village codes pertaining to taxis.

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ENFORCEMENT TEAM: This team of officers is trained and equipped to monitor commercial traffic coming through the village. They perform inspections on trucks to ensure that they are safe to operate on the roadways in Spring Valley, while always keeping their eyes open for criminal activity.

FIELD TRAINING TEAM: All new officers sworn in as Spring Valley Officers go through a comprehensive Field Training consisting of 12 weeks of supervised training. During this time, probationary officers are assigned to a certified FTO to learn the complex job of being a Spring Valley Police Officer.
COMPUTER OPERATIONS UNIT: Policing has become reliant on all types of computer programs. The computer operations unit maintains the many different systems so the department can operate efficiently.

TRAINING UNIT: Many of our officers have gone through a comprehensive Instructor Development course of training which authorizes them to instruct other police officers in many types of police related topics. Our instructors train other Spring Valley Officers as well as at the Police Academy.

CRIME ANALYSIS UNIT: This unit is fully funded through Operation IMPACT. Our crime analysis unit tracks many crimes occurring in the village and provides real time data to assist the department in deploying resources when and where they are needed.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: The Village of Spring Valley has been the recipient of a Domestic Violence grant for at least the past 10 years to assist us in reducing incidents of domestic violence. Currently, the department is working closely with the Justice Court, the Rockland Family Shelter, the Rockland County District Attorney's Office and other county agencies to help combat domestic violence.

DWI/UNDERAGED DRINKING: The SVPD has received a grant from Stop DWI (Rockland County) to assist us in combating DWI as well as under aged sales of alcoholic beverages to minors. We routinely set up up DWI check points and perform compliance checks of all businesses selling alcohol in the village.

DARE/ SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER: We currently have an officer assigned to the Drug Abuse Resistance Program. This officer is also assigned to the Spring Valley High School as the SRO. He works closely with school and the police administration to help enhance the safety of students.

US MARSHALS TASK FORCE: Several of our officers are cross designated as US Marshals. These officers provide services to the federal government and in exchange, we receive unlimited resources from the Marshals whenever we need them to help us fight crime in Spring Valley. The Marshals have assisted us on many large scale operations which helps reduce the burden to our local taxpayers.

CHILD SAFETY SEAT UNIT: We have a group of officers that have successfully completed an intense course of study which has certified them in the proper installation of child safety seats. The department has received a grant from the New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee which allowed us to purchase equipment for the program, as well as a supply of car seats which we provide free of charge to any resident demonstrating a need.

CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY & CIVILIAN RIDE ALONGS: We routinely sponsor civilians to go through the Citizens Police Academy which is organized through the Rockland County Police Academy. We also allow citizens to ride along with a Spring Valley Officer for a Shift to experience what a police officer deals with on a regular basis and to enhance our relationship with the community. Contact the department if you are interested in either one of these programs.

COMMUNITY POLICING: Spring Valley Officers routinely meet with different groups through out the village to assist them in solving any police/community problem that they may be experiencing.

DRUG RECOGNITION EXPERT: We have an officer that has gone through an extensive, comprehensive training program to assist us in recognizing drivers impaired by narcotics.

PERSONAL RADIATION DETECTOR UNIT: The Spring Valley Police Department has received a supply of PRD's from the County of Rockland, through Homeland Security. Officers with PRD's received specialized training and they are able to detect threats of nuclear terrorism while they are patrolling Spring Valley.

MOBILE FIELD FORCE TEAM: Spring Valley PD has several officers that a part of the Rockland County M.F.F Team. This is a multi-jurisdictional team that is specially trained in responding to civil disturbances such as riots, hostile crowds & protests.

U-VISA PROCESSING UNIT: This team was initiated in 2010 to assist immigrants who are victims of certain serious crimes and who are helpful in the investigation and prosecution of the perpetrator. Under certain restrictions established by the federal government, a Foreign National victim may be eligible to remain in the United States for three years. The scope of this federal program is to encourage victims of crime to report the matter without fear of deportation.