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Village Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Spring Valley consists of the Mayor and four Trustees who are elected by the registered voters in the Village of Spring Valley to a four year term. The Trustee terms are staggered, with two Trustees elected every second year.

The Board enacts new laws, or amends existing ones; votes to pay for services rendered to the Village; hires employees; and appoints department heads. The Mayor also has the additional responsibility of administering the Village on a daily basis.


Mayor Alan M. Simon
Elected term 2017-2021
Deputy Mayor Bernard L. Charles, Jr. 
Appointed by the Mayor
Trustee Asher Grossman
Elected term 2013-2017, 2017-2021
Trustee Sherry McGill
Elected term 2015-2019
Trustee Eudson Francois
Elected term 2017-2021
Meeting Calendar

The Village Board convenes on the first and third Wednesday of each month at approximately 7:00 PM. The meeting takes place in the Village Board room and is open to the public. Attendees should enter through the Police Department main entrance.
Please check the Village calendar for Village Board meeting dates.
Meeting Minutes

Minutes 2011
Minutes 2010