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Spring Valley Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is the keeper of records for the Village. The Village Clerk is responsible for attending Village Board, Zoning Board, and Planning Board meetings, and compiling information for meeting agendas and minutes, including all legal notices. All requests to the Village under New York's Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) are processed by the Village Clerk.

The Village Clerk prepares and distributes all permits and licenses including Plumbing, Carnival, Scavenger, Taxi, Landscaping, Peddler & Solicitor, Vending Machines, etc.

The Village Clerk handles all Notice of Claims and Subpoenas. The Village Clerk is also the registrar of the Village, handling birth certificates and death certificates.

Village Clerk

Diana Montgomery
845-352-1100 x108


Monday through Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM (except legal holidays)
Applications for Licenses and Permits

For a list of applications and instructions for licenses and permits processed by the Village Clerk’s office please click here.