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Zoning Board
Board Members l Calendar l Minutes

The Zoning Board of the Village of Spring Valley is a regulatory Board with respect to the Village zoning code and code of ordinances with sole jurisdiction over relief granted from the zoning and ordinance codes.

Applications to the Zoning Board are available from and made through Building Inspector Walter Booker at 845-517-1134 x 114.

Board Members:

The Board is made up of five members all of whom live within the incorporated Village boundaries.
Ms. Patricia Caldwell - Chairwoman
Mrs. Martha Patrick - Vice Chair
Mr. Moshe Hopstein
Ms. Marie J. Williams
• Mr. Eliyahu Solomon

The Zoning Board meetings convene on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm. 
The meeting takes place in the Village Board room, entrance through the Police Department. Deadlines for new applications are 30 days prior to the anticipated meeting date.

Please check the Village calendar for Zoning Board meeting dates.


Click on the links below to view a printable PDF file.
Minutes of December 12, 2012.doc
Minutes of November 14, 2012.doc
Minutes of October 10, 2012.doc
Minutes of September 12, 2012.doc
Minutes of August 21, 2012, Special Meeting.doc
Minutes of August 8, 2012.doc
Minutes of July 11, 2012.doc
Minutes of June 13, 2012.doc
Minutes of May 9, 2012.doc
Minutes of March 14, 2012.doc
Minutes of February 8 2012 Meeting
Minutes of January 11 2012 Meeting

Minutes 2011
Minutes 2010