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Community Development

Notice is hereby given that Spring Valley Community Development Advisory Council will meet at Village Hall, Senator Eugen Levy Municipal Plaza, 200 North Main Street, Spring Valley, New York, in the Trustee’s Conference Room on Wednesday January 9th at 7:30pm, to consider the support of the Villages’ Non- For-profit Organization through the Community Development Block Grant.
Grant Notice**CDBG- Community Development Block Grant**
Permits non-for-profit agencies to apply under the Village of Spring Valley for a grant up to $20,000.
Whereas the Mayor would authorize and approve the Submission of the CDBG grant proposed for the non-profit agency, in which it serves person/ people living in The Village of Spring Valley.
All agencies looking to partake must email- Director of Community Development Ms. Nida Sharif at to confirming their attendance for January 9th.
A representative from the agency must be ready to present to the Board, as to why they are applying for the grant.


Nida Sharif

(845) 352-1100 Ext. 186