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Home - A message from Chief Paul J. Modica

Police Headquarters
 200 North Main Street
 Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977
 Main: (845) 356-7400
 Records: (845) 573-5836
 Fax: (845) 573-5859
 Email: police@villagespringvalley.org
In case of emergency
always call 911
It is my belief that I lead one of the best Police Departments in the Nation. The Spring Valley Police Department is comprised of 55 hard working men and women. We pride ourselves in being the most diverse Law Enforcement Agency in Rockland County.

Our Village residents come from over 40 different cultures and sometimes that is a huge challenge for our Officers. We have tried to have our Department reflect the community we serve. Several of our Officers and Detectives speak Creole, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and even Farsi.

We realize that due to the tough economic times, we have to accomplish more with less. We continue to implement new programs and provide the residents with professional, dependable service.

Over the last several years we have been able to reduce the amount of violent crimes that occur on our streets. That continues to be our focus and with the support of our elected Officials and the people that we serve, this goal can be achieved.

Finally, we need the assistance of the public. If you see something that doesn’t look right or you happen to witness a crime, please pick-up the phone and call the Police. If you are uncomfortable with identifying yourself, that is fine. We will still take the information that is provided and act on it. Any help we can get to ensure our community is safe will always be appreciated.

Remember to dial “911” in case of an emergency or to call “356-7400” for all other Police matters.