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Spring Valley Planning Board

The Village of Spring Valley Planning Board will provide you with the most current information on planning procedures for Site Plan, Special Use Permits and Subdivisions. The Planning Board reviews all new development within the Village.
It is our commitment to get you through the Planning process as quickly and easily as possible. Anyone wishing to submit an application is encouraged to contact the Planning and Zoning Board Secretary to be placed on our next agenda.
The Secretary will help you identify what forms and other information is necessary to complete an application and will help to facilitate and expedite the process for you. From there, you will be placed on an agenda for the next available Planning Board Meeting to appear before the Planning Board to seek approval for your project.
Planning Board meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month in the evening at 7:00 pm

Meet our Planning Board

Moses Koth


Frantz Wackmann

Vice Chairman

Jean Berthomieux


Schmuel Baum


Jean Simon


Yitzok Sabel


Dennis D. Michaels, ESQ.

Assistant Village Attorney

Janay Jordan

Planning & Zoning Secretary