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Assessor’s Office – SpringValley

Assessor’s Office

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Assessor’s Office

    Village Assessor (part-time)
    Kristen Padilla, Assessor Clerk
    (845) 352-1100 x193
    The Village Assessor establishes a value on real property so that school, county, town, and special district taxes can be apportioned among the property owners. The Village Assessor reviews recent sales every year, to determine the market values of residential and commercial properties.
    The tentative assessment roll is available from the Village Assessor on February 1, and notices of any changes in assessments are mailed to property owners at that time. Any person may examine their own assessment, or that of any other parcel in the Village. Property owners who feel that their property assessment is inequitable must file a protest between February 1 and Grievance Day. In accordance with New York State law, Grievance Day is set as the third Tuesday in February.

The annual Grievance Day meeting will take place at Village Hall on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 4:30 PM.