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Youth & Police Initiative

Youth & Police Initiative or YPI, is a training program created by the Massachusetts-based North American Family Institute to enhance police officers and prosecutors understanding of the beliefs, values, and experiences of local youth, while ensuring that youth develop a genuine regard for the challenges that police officers face on the job.

YPI provides structured dialogue, team building and role playing scenarios that allow all participants – youth, educators, police and prosecutors – to tackle the real and hard issues of crime prevention and community policing. YPI is an opportunity for Rockland County’s police departments to increase their visibility in their communities and to bring about positive changes in their relationships with local at-risk youth.

Each and every YPI program is adapted to fit the specific needs of the community being served.

The Village of Spring Valley’s Youth and Police Initiative’s objective:

  • Discuss Social & Political issues and how these issues impact residents of all ages
  • Enhance officers’ community policing skills
  • Strengthen prosecutors’ knowledge of the community
  • Build long-term positive relationships between local police, prosecutors, and Rockland County’s at-risk youth
  • Create links to positive, pro-social community resources by having guest speakers come to classes
  • Create possibilities for mentorship
  • Facilitate ways for youth to learn about career paths in Public Safety

After Graduation:

The YPI program is a six day program that ends with a graduation gathering that includes food, fun and awards. But that is not the end. This programs brings people together in a family like atmosphere that continues to support each other after graduation by continuing communication via group chats along with other bonding activities listed below.

Upcoming YPI Events
August 13th – August 17th, 2020           Beaver Pond Camping Trip
August 31st – September 2nd, 2020           Kalahari Water Park 

2021 YPI will be Sleeping with the Sharks at Maritime Aquarium


*If you have any questions or would like to know more information about the YPI program,
Please contact the Spring Valley Police Department (845)356-7400 or*
Sgt. Charles
Det. Grey-Gordnick
Sgt. A. Lopez